Chronology of U.S.S. Britannic NCC-71818

19th Century


3 February- S.S. Britannic is launched by the White Star Line.

Britannic (1874)


20th Century


July- S.S. Britannic is sold to German scrappers.


26 February- R.M.S. Britannic is launched by the White Star Line after modifications were made to its design following the Titanic disaster.


13 November- Britannic is requisitioned by the British navy as a hospital ship during World War I.

14 December- Captain Charles Bartlett assumes command of His Majesty’s Hospital Ship (H.M.H.S.) Britannic.

Britannic- Starboard



21 November- H.M.H.S. Britannic is sunk when it strikes a German mine in the Mediterranean Sea.


6 August- S.S. Britannic is launched by the White Star Line.

Britannic (1929)



29 August- Britannic begins service as a troop carrier during World War II.


March- S.S. Britannic returns to civilian service and resumes operations as a passenger liner the following year.


2 December- Britannic is scrapped.


24th Century


January- The keel is laid for Naval Construction Contract number 71818, Galaxy (II)-class, at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards above Mars.


January- Starfleet names NCC-71818 “Britannic” after a request made by the British crown. Britannic is the first starship to bear the name.

7 May- Starfleet Command names Commander Wayne L. Augustson as Britannic commanding officer, to be effective upon the vessel’s commissioning on 17 February 2384.

June- Construction is completed on Britannic. Field trials soon follow.

Britannic at Utopia Planitia


August- Field trials begin for Britannic in the Sol System under the command of Commander Wayne L. Augustson.

23 December- Britannic completes field trials and returns to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.


January- U.S.S. Britannic NCC-71818 receives its Starfleet crew compliment throughout the month. Civilian personnel assigned to the starship will embark in February.

17 February- U.S.S. Britannic NCC-71818 is commissioned by Starfleet Command in the orbital complex above Earth. Wayne L. Augustson is promoted to the rank of Captain. The executive officer is Commander Brett J. Wuest. Britannic is assigned to the Seventh Fleet.

June- Captain Wayne L. Augustson is appointed Chief of Staff for the Seventh Fleet.

17 August- Having successfully completed shakedown operations, U.S.S. Britannic is assigned star-mapping duties on the frontier of the Alpha Quadrant.

 Starboard View of Britannic


26 September- Two runabouts rendezvous with U.S.S. Britannic to establish the Starfleet Marine Corps 7th Brigade’s newest Marine unit, the 707th Marine Strike Group (Shooting Stars), as embarked staff.


February- U.S.S. Britannic continues star mapping duties on the frontier of the Alpha Quadrant and is also charged with establishing a colony on Endaras II.

June- Ground-breaking is performed for the new colony being established on Endaras II.  Britannic conducts detailed scans within the Endaras System.

Commander Mark Van Houten is assigned as the new Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Britannic.

Captain Wayne Augustson is promoted to Fleet Captain.

The 707th MSG Shooting Stars are transferred to another posting.

July- Fleet Captain Wayne Augustson becomes the 7th Fleet Commander, thus making the U.S.S. Britannic the 7th Fleet Flagship.  Britannic will report to Starbase 7 for further assignments.


January- U.S.S. Britannic returns to Endaras II to support the fledgling colony set up seven months ago.

March- Communications outpost Eleanor suffers structural damage resulting from a reactor malfunction. U.S.S. Britannic will rendezvous with the outpost to assist in repairs.

7 May- The Starfleet Marine Corps 7th Brigade assigns the 737th Marine Strike Group (Fly By Nights) to U.S.S. Britannic as embarked staff.

July-  U.S.S. Britannic arrives at Starbase 7 for repairs to its starboard warp nacelle after it was damaged by an ion storm.

October- U.S.S. Britannic is assigned to the Urich star system for mapping and exploration duties.


February- Commander Mark Van Houten is promoted to Captain and  Fleet Captain Wayne L. Augustson is promoted to Commodore.

May- The Hobus supernova destroys Romulus and Remus, killing billions of Romulans.

July- Mapping and exploration duties end in the Urich star system. U.S.S. Britannic joins the Federation’s relief efforts for the Romulans.

October- U.S.S. Britannic is assigned to Starbase 7.


January- U.S.S. Britannic assumes patrol duties along the Cardassian border.

July- Recalled to Starbase 7, U.S.S. Britannic transports several members of a team from the Federation Council to the former Romulan star system as part of their investigation of the Vulcan Science Academy’s work in red matter manipulation.

August- Commodore Wayne L. Augustson is promoted to Rear Admiral.

September- Upon returning from Romulan space and transferring the team members from the Federation Council to Starbase 7, U.S.S. Britannic is assigned to the recently-discovered Tangra star system to engage in ‘asteroid removal’.

October- While performing ‘asteroid removal’ in the Tangra star system, U.S.S. Britannic discovers the remains on a Breen scout vessel within the large asteroid field. Study of the vessel revealed that it suffered damage from combat, most likely during the Dominion War and sought refuge within the star system’s asteroid field. Unfortunately, the vessel and its 4-man crew never recovered to effect repairs and leave the Tangra system. Britannic will tow the Breen vessel out of the asteroid field where it will be recovered by Starfleet.


January- After routine maintenance, U.S.S. Britannic assumes patrol duties along the Federation/Klingon border.

April- U.S.S. Britannic is assigned to medical inspection of newly-established colonies near the borders of the Beta Quadrant.

June- Starfleet increases patrols along the Federation/Romulan border as internal strife within the Romulan Empire increases. U.S.S. Britannic is assumes patrol duties along the border.

September- U.S.S. Britannic is reassigned to a task force along the Klingon/Romulan border after the Klingon Empire launches attacks in Romulan space. Their advance is temporarily halted.

November- U.S.S. Britannic takes part in recovery/relief efforts in Romulan space.


February- Returning to surveying duties, U.S.S. Britannic is assigned mapping and exploration duties in the Nardy Sector.

Britannic in the Nardy Sector


July- U.S.S. Britannic is reassigned to the Federation/Romulan border.

November- U.S.S. Britannic hosts the Commander, Starfleet, for the duration of a conference on Towson.

December- U.S.S. Britannic returns to Starbase 7.


January- Starfleet assigns U.S.S. Britannic to the Trealus system near the Federation/Klingon border to oversee the installation of a series of advanced warning satellites.

March- U.S.S. Britannic reports to the Remmler Array to undergo a Baryon particle sweep. Soon after, Britannic will receive a top overhaul at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards.

Rear Admiral Wayne L. Augustson is promoted to Vice Admiral.

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