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  1. Jennifer Maggio says:

    Hi! How do I sign up? I live on LI. & I’m not exactly sure where you guy’s are located? But I’ve been a long time Trekkie! And I’ve been looking for a local group to join! To be able to meet new people and boldly go where I have never gone before? Lol! I’d appreciate any help you may have on how I might get started! Thanks!

  2. Paul says:

    Hi guys
    Some one on NY Trekkies Facebook page told me this group exists.
    I’m a TOS and TNG fan living in Mount Sinai, so not too far from Lake Grove.
    Went to Missions last weekend and had a blast, which made me look out for more ST things to do.
    Not in to Cosplay myself but love some of uniforms etc people had made.
    Would like to find out more about your group, what you do, when do you meet etc?

    Please drop me an email when you have a chance.

    Many thanks.



  3. The East Islip Public Library will be hosting our third annual Comic Con on July 29, 2017 from 10-4 pm. We are always looking for new and interesting events for our patrons and wondered if attendance by some of your group members might be something of interest to you. We average about 250 people throughout the day. It is for the entire family. If you have any interest, please contact me.

    Jo-Ann Carhart, Head of Adult Services

  4. Phil says:

    What kinds of events do you have? How do I join?

    Me? I love Star Trek…mostly TNG and TOS.

    So email me back!



  5. Robert J mitchell , ADMiRAL Starfleet says:

    love your patch design. my great great grandfather flerw h is flag in Hms Brittannia as an admiral in the Royal Navy just before the battle of trafalgar in 1805. Like enterprise the spirit of Great ships and thhe people who crew them just carry on.
    As the Roman Emoporer and philoserpher wrote “what we do today echoes in History

  6. Louise Schwartz says:

    t Hi fellow star trek,
    I have been a star trek lover since the first episode which will probably give away my age! I am planning a presentation to the PEIR group at Hofstra University on the truths of star trek (a power-point). For the second half of the presentation, I was thinking of recreating the debate between Q and Spock. I loved it when I saw it in person and I think with the right people, it could be fun, funny, and insightful.I am looking for star trek people who would be interested in playing the parts. The presentation is August 15th at Hofstra University and there could be from 50 to 200 people attending.. Please contact me if you are interested.Thanks, Louise Hope to hear from some of you

  7. Michael says:

    Do your members have photos from the conference this weekend that I may post on SFI Pinterest board Around The Fleet?

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